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Ric Dean

Trunk Molding NewCarTake-Off I.D. help needed

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Trunk? Molding NewCarTake-Off  help needed maybe 1960s? I have had it for decades but I’m still at a loss what it’s for.  It has the original silver painted insert. Note distinctive odd shape at the ends. Thanks for looking , Ric

Trunk Mldg1960s 1 22b 600p .jpg

Trunk Mldg1960s 1 24b 600p .jpg

Trunk Mldg1960s 13b 600p .jpg

Trunk Mldg1960s 18b 600p.jpg

Trunk Mldg1960s 19b 600pb .jpg

Trunk Mldg1960s 25, 600p .jpg

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Thank you, I think you are close. I have been scouring the internet last week for similar year and model. Never realized that Back End Car photos are hard to find.

In comparing  a 67 Dodge Dart’s molding you submitted, mine looks to have less of a sweep towards each end. Mine also appears to be wider away from each end at 2’’and the straight across length is 49'’.


Could be mine is from another model MoPar? I am posting a Dart GT photo to show that model also has the same surround molding as the one you submitted except the added GT Filler Panel. I checked the internet for 1964-1970 Dodge & Plymouth - Small and Full Size models nothing similar turns up.


Thank you,

1969 Dodge Dart GT Convt blue back 1.47 600p .jpg

Trunk Mldg1960s 19b 600pb .jpg

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