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Reproduction body panels opinions

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I am getting ready to order some reproduction body parts, and have checked out 2 particular vendors online.

SRPM, and the Plymouth Dr. seem to both have the parts that i will be needing.

Floor pans, front cowls, rocker panels.

Has anyone here had experience good or bad with either of them, and are there any preferences?

Thanks for the feedback.

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I purchased a tailpan for my '36 Dodge sedan from 2 different sources. First part came from a lower priced source on ebay that also had corners but it was so far off  that it would never have fit correctly. The part was nicely built but was not contoured correctly and too much work to make it right. The seller did refund my money. The second one I got from The Plymouth Doctor, a little more money and also nicely made but again the contours were incorrect but closer than the first. Had to do a lot of reconstruction but it did the job. All these parts, I believe are handmade not die stamped like the Ford Parts.I needed rockers too but decided to hammer out my own, a lot more work but I didn't want to pay the high prices for parts that weren't made right or wouldn't fit. Maybe they would have been made better but I didn't want to take the chance. The rockers that I saw on ebay for sale are made square and were not the correct contour. Not bad mouthing any sellers but just relaying my experiences. Someone else told me that they bought floor pans that were close but still needed some work to fit right. A decision that you will have to make , you'll still need a good body guy. Good luck! Is the Plymouth Doctor still in business? I thought I saw something that he may have shut down, I could be mistaken.

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