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Pre-1910 Touring Car ID

Steve Hagy

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  • 5 weeks later...

I recently purchased this brass side lamp with the identifying marks "Hall 144-E." It is very similar to the image in previous posts and the images I found on line for the 1910 Peerless Model 27 side lamp. The problem is it is electric. I know Peerless went electric but I thought it was 1911. As the Peerless 1911 had round lenses I am puzzled. I found another identical lamp marked "Hall 144-E" and it had the patent date June 7, 1910 stamped on it. It was also electric but also had the kerosene system intact. My side lamp appears to be using a 1156 bulb socket. I would like help identifying and will include an image. It does appear worth rebuilding. Any help would be gladly appreciated.


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