Need Help Identifying Pre-War CARBURETORS

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Well, I can’t help you directly, but maybe highlighting it will attract someone who can identify it...

This one you have labeled #1013 - at 1st glance I thought it was a match to the model “E” Marvel Carb. in my 1918 Buick E-35 (4cyl).

It is not a match as there is a difference in the area of the choker valve where the hot air tube attaches. (See photo from 1918 Buick E-35 parts-book)

Casting numbers don’t mean anything to me - and I’ve yet to find a reliable list. The one list I found online that purports to identify my model does in fact not.


#1013 is definitely a Marvel carb., possibly earlier than 1918.


Good luck



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To my untrained eyes this looks like it’s to a 1917 Buick 6 cyl., but am confused by a couple of things that seem backwards.

@Terry Wiegand does this look like your carb?



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Yes, the carburetor in the photo does look like a 1916/1917 Buick 6-Cylinder unit.  There are several parts and pieces that are missing and this will create the need to find another, or several, other units for the donor parts.  It is a crying shame that Classic Carburetors down in Phoenix closed their doors.  Those folks were the absolute best at rebuilding these brass-bodied Marvel Carburetors.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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Photo with tag labeled "1012" looks like a Tillotson replacement carburetor for a Model A Ford to me. 

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