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For Sale - 1918 Detroit Electric Car - Model 75

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For Sale - 1918 Detroit Electric Car - Model 75

This car was previously from Ohio and previous to that Pennsylvania (we bought it over 20 years ago) and was repainted and restored by the previous owner. Paint has held up very well with some cracking and checking on Blue body including chipping  at top edge of body where the frame is wood. Fenders are very good with no checking. Interior is in excellent condition and is Light Blue - with passenger seats in front. It has Painted Wood Wheels and original Detroit hubcaps which are in excellent condition. It has Tiller steering
An knowledgeable Electric car owner has informed me that this car appears to have been rebuild by the factory. The factory would take trade ins of older models and lower the roof and add more curved fenders to make the car more 'modern'. This was done in the late 1920's or early 1930's and would make this a Model 97.
It has 14 Golf Cart Batteries -  7 in front and 7 in the back
Car has not been charged in the last few years since I can't determine the Negative vs Positive cables on the charger - there are no + or - marks. Since both wires come from one cable which splits into a black and a white wire.
Interior Id Plate states Model 75, Type 18B, No 11290
Motor Plate states Size 22 17, Motor No 19393
Should get  about 50 miles on a charge but we only went on 15 - 20 mile trips so I can't confirm.
We could go about 25 miles a hour but going up hill was very slow. 
Currently the emergency brake is held in an Off position by hose clamps due to one time that the brake got stuck in the On position and we had a hard time figuring out how to get it turned off
The Odometer is broken and reads 9999. Title references a lower number so I'm not sure if it broke during our ownership
Comes with a 1920 owners manual
Lestronic II Charger
This car presents well and can be used as is or with minor restoration
Price $52,500
Located in Acton Massachusetts


















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I would possibly sell the old batteries separately if no one purchases the car within the next few months. They are VERY heavy - maybe 50 pounds each. On an added note - I see you own a 1955 Cadillac Model 62 Sedan. I also own one of those  with 11,234  original miles which will be for sale once I get a new battery


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I believe I met Mr. Jensen at the Old Car Festival many years ago at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn MI.

Spoke to Mr. Jensen then about selling the car. He said no and his wife said yes, we had a good laugh over that. 

Can you contact me and let me know if the car is still available.

Brian 586 864 5110.

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Hi Brian - My father never got a chance to go to the Henry Ford Museum so you must of met another Mr Jensen. The car is still available. Selling is weather permitting.





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Hi Linda 


I’m located in Novi Michigan and would like to discuss your father’s 1918 Detroit Electric car for sale. Let me know if available. 408-623-1896 - Mujeeb

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