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grabbn' some air!

md murray

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Great picture !


Reminds me of my first ride  in Wally McCarthy's 1910 Locomobile on what at first looked to be a level LI north shore estate lawn. Not sure if the Loco ever grabbed air, but I sure did !



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That guy looks tough enough to chain and walk a lion. I have a half-baked theory. Goes something like this : (The high unsprung weight + suspensions of the day) over the roads then encountered  = good launch conditions.                                                                                                                                            

                                     Can't pass the medical anymore,             -    Grounded Cadillac Carl  


P.S.   CORRECTION, CORRECTION, CORRECTION !!!!!!!!!   I have just been informed by a good forum friend that my "medical" statement may be taken to mean that I can not DRIVE anymore. I can sure see that since we are talking about cars which momentarily take to the air. I should have said "flight physical". No, I can not become current and FLY anymore. Literally grounded. I agree with, and totally accept that my left seat time is over. I can live with that since I never did buy a DC-6. Driving is another matter.    -   CC 




Edited by C Carl
Corrected mathematical notation. And add P.S. (see edit history)
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13 hours ago, padgett said:

hought the most common were "oh sh*t".


The guy in the first picture sure could be saying that between clenched teeth.


It is also a great way to call a dachshund to pick up a few Wheaties I drop on the floor for him every morning. Makes me feel like Pavlov.

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