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Wanted missing pieces 1933 Rockne headlights


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I have these incomplete set of 1933 Rockne (Studebaker) Stabilite Brand headlights.

Looking for the missing parts as:


1. inner Ring,

2. 2pcs Lenses

3. Reflector (maybe these one I have is wrong...)

4. hardware as springs, screws ...


Note the Stabilite logo is not in center over the mounting bolt for the head lights since they are mounted in a angle. 

The Lamps do not have a outer ring, the lenses are "snap in" and mounted with springs only.


Thank you!


F) Scheinwerfer 1.JPG

F) Scheinwerfer 2.JPG

F) Scheinwerfer 3.JPG

F) Scheinwerfer 4.JPG

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