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Wanted missing pieces 1933 Rockne headlights

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I have these incomplete set of 1933 Rockne (Stabilite) headlights.

Looking for the missing parts as:


1. inner Ring,

2. 2pcs Lenses

3. Reflector (maybe these one I have is wrong...)

4. hardware as springs, screws ...


Note the Stabilite logo is not in center over the mounting bolt for the head lights since they are mounted in a angle. 


Thank you!


F) Scheinwerfer 1.JPG

F) Scheinwerfer 2.JPG

F) Scheinwerfer 3.JPG

F) Scheinwerfer 4.JPG

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4 hours ago, 8E45E said:

Are you looking for the 'export' lenses as it probably had originally? Or whatever you can get?



Hi Craig,

i think these symmetric/ asymmetric Lenses become popular much later. On cars of these period i saw only symmetrical lenses in US and Europe.


Best regards 


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The lens you are looking for was listed by Studebaker as part# 301901.


I broke one of mine many years ago and found replacements from a vendor specializing in antique auto lamps and lenses. I don't remember who.

Your favorite search engine might turn up a number of possibilities. Proper identification is important. I'm certain these same lamps were used on more than just the Rocknes.




The lens is a 9-3/16" circle.





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