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Collectible Automobile December 2019

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Not sure of this is the correct forum but close enough!  For those that are interested, the Dec 2019 edition of Collectible Automobile has an article on 1977-79 full size Buicks.  What classifies this edition as memorabilia is that my 78 Estate Wagon is featured in the article. 

Back in April, @JohnD1956 was contacted by the editor of the magazine looking for an estate wagon to photograph. As JD no longer had his wagon, he directed them over to me.  After some very short discussion (I’ve always liked this magazine) a photographer was

in touch and a photo shoot was arranged. I had to scramble and get the EW cleaned and polished during the early Spring weather but we got a nice warm

day in early May for the photos. 

The magazine arrived this week and I am pretty happy with the full page spread. Thanks again JD for the referral!   



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Hmmmm that must have been that phone call I didn’t answer, oh well...😁


seriously, I’m sure they got the better one to represent these sleeping beauties! Congratulations!!! 

At least I can show everybody the pictures and say “I almost bought that car!” 

Well done Doug! 👍👍👍

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An excellent article, and I was especially thrilled to see you car included, Doug!


I have always liked this generation full size Buick.  My parents purchased a new 1977 Electra 225 Limited Landau coupe -- a beautiful car, and I wish I had managed to keep it in the family when they traded it in twelve years later on an '89 LeSabre.

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