Bud Tierney

Franklin 1905 "Long 8 Cylinder" Race Car

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I  don't follow Franklin, or race cars, so I'm hoping some kind soul will fill me in on "...Franklin's long 8 Cylinder" mentioned in a 1905 race car/race meet piece...

Two fours together?? True straight 8??

Many thxx for enlightenment...

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It was two four-cylinder 1905 Model C Engines coupled together. The Standard  Model C engine is described in Scientific American as "The motor is a 5" x 5" flanged cylinder engine, with both exhaust and inlet valves in the heads of the cylinders, and with an auxiliary exhaust port at their base, so that when the piston uncovers this port, a great part of the exhaust blows out through a check valve before the piston exhausts the remainder on the upward stroke" On at least one other special, the check valve was left off and the auxiliary exhaust was open. It also was the first year that Franklin used mechanical inlets.


There was a standing joke in the club that they could have done the same sort of thing in 1910 with Two Model H six-cylinder engines coupled together with a thirteenth one in the transition piece and called the H2O. Alas, it was a figment of someone's over active imagination. 

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