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Estate value: ‘56 John Deere 420c Tractor w/brush hog

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4 hours ago, Mikefit said:

VL:   You could post about how to boil water and very one would read about it.  Looks like you may be winding up some loose ends I just wish I had your fortitude I just admire what you have been through.. God must be right there with you.  Lots of love.  Mike

That’s funny Mike! 😂

I am on the downward stretch for sure. I have been fortunate that many people here, and in other parts of my life, have gone out of their way to help me. It really restores one’s faith in mankind. 


Perhaps many people can relate because of their own experiences, or consider that if their relative had been in my situation, they would appreciate someone helping them. Or perhaps people simply can’t believe the story I’ve shared. 


I have driven cluelessly through Colorado with storms and tornados on both sides, but my path ahead was sunny. I’ve driven towards terrifying lightning storms that suddenly stopped straight ahead of my path as I approached, but were on both sides. People with specific skills that I needed appeared in my life at just the right time, and cars sold when I needed money for dad. My new job that is 100% commission in a new industry for me, (loan officer for reverse mortgages), is going much better than expected and is very rewarding. I can not count all the miracles I’ve seen in the last 5 years, but I am very grateful for each one of them. 


There has certainly been a guiding spirit that has helped me through this. I’d have never guessed that I’d have accomplished what I have. All the credit goes to the many helpful people that I’ve encountered along the way, and of course someone upstairs who made sure that they crossed my path. 

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On 10/5/2019 at 12:05 AM, John Byrd said:

Victorialynn2, try the Classic Tractor Fever website and Aumann's Auctions, they are some good people and there is a lot of interest in some of the older John Deeres.  I sold my 420 without a bush-hog in '08 for $2500.00 and it didn't look near as nice as yours.   Here is site with some values too.




I looked at the values on these sites, but my 2010 model 420w and those on these sites are not the same.

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Hey guys, I see this thread has been revived, so I will give an update. 

I sold the tractor for $3500 plus $500 extra for the shredder and brush hog. I  was in Texas just for a few days to sell the garage and the tractor sold quickly. My other option would have been to leave it in the garage for the buyer of the garage, so I got lucky. 

My father passed 9/1/2019, just days after his 84th birthday. He was no longer able to feed himself or even stand up. It was difficult to see him suffering. 

I sold his garage in June 2020 and his house February 2020. I went through a dark period after as I was grieving his loss and sale of his homestead and garage during the pandemic. 

Some bright spots have been my work and my 2 children and daughter in law moving back in with me from NYC to ride out the pandemic. My son works from home as a computer programmer, so it made sense to get out of the city. They are moving shortly into a home they built a few hours away. Slowly, I have been getting stronger, although what I went through has changed me forever. 

I am glad my father was taken care of until the end, but I caution all of you to make sure you have your ducks in a row. Taking care of an estate of old cars 2000 miles from my home, cost me a fortune financially and emotionally. 

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