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57 Buick Specail Leaking Torque Tube Parts


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57 Buick Special.


This seems to be a popular subject but yes I am having leaks on my torque tube. I believe what I need to fix this issue is a torque ball retainer kit and a Dyanflow rear seal kit. Is this all? I have read that I do not need a spline seal because they are not used on a 57 Buick. Is this correct?


One more thing, I believe I traced the leak to the torque tube and rear of the transmission but is there anywhere else were these Dynaflows are notorious for leaking? I have read that where the bell housing connects to the transmission case, from the accumulator and cap is were it can leak also.  Any thoughts?


Any input is welcome and appreciated. Thank you all very much!

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The rear of the Dynaflow, purchase a vulcanized torque ball. This will basically eliminate using gaskets to produce a good seal.   Purchase the torque tube seal. Follow the repair manual instructions for R and R of the torque tube. Use the guide pins for reassembly as shown in the manual. I used bolts the matched and cut off the heads as guide pins.


It's not a bad job. I have removed the torque tube on both manual and Dynaflow 4 times without any help. Dig in. You'll be fine. 



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