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Upcoming Events and Rockville Car show


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Hello Everyone. I am going to the Carsile Fall Event tomorrow and will be driving the Reatta,  and maybe the Hershey show on Friday.

The the Rockville car show on October 19th, This is a great all original show 25 year and older. So if you are in the MD, PA, West VA area come out to one of these events. You can still register for the Rockville show the day of the event. I know there are Reatta's around me I have seen 2 convertibles  in my area. So come out and show them !!.


Just for fun I ran a Marti report on my 97 Ford truck since I have never seen one just like it. Found out it is a 1 in 4. It will be eligible to show in a little over 2 years so I will be working it it now to make it more show ready.

So I have a 1 in 46 Reatta and a 1 in 4,  97 Ford F250 Diesel


Time to take the Reatta out and enjoy some shows !!!

Let me know if any of you are going to Carsile or Hershey, We could try and meet up.




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