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1922 Studebaker Paint Color


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Know this is probably a stretch as I believe this info has been lost to time, but here goes...Does anyone know the body color(s) of a 1922 Studebaker Big Six Speedster?  My car has the original paint (been verified) but is pretty oxidized.  It appears to be a black body with black fenders.  However I came across an article in Motor Age from May, 1922 introducing this model and it states it will be blue with gold striping on the (hood) louvers.  I can see the gold striping on my louvers.  I'll be carefully cleaning the body paint to bring it back the best I can, but would like to know ahead of time what I might be looking for - black or blue?  The fenders sure look black. Might the hood be black and the body itself a (deep?) shade of blue?  Thanks in advance.   

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