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65 Riv - Grease a fuel pump?


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Hi all


Swapping out my fuel pump as its leaking oil (a little) and because it looks like the original...so its old..so good idea to nip any problems in the bud..


The instructions for my replacement from Airtex states that the rocker arm pad and the rocker arm cavity should be greased....does anyone actually do this? Any special type of grease or bog standard?


I'm curious as my research building up to this hasnt' produced any ref to greasing....





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When replacing a fuel pump it is normal to smear a little grease on the fuel pump arm where it contacts the thing that does the pushing (usually a cam). Almost any grease within reach will do. Assembly lube, chassis grease, Vaseline, white lith, etc. It is a temporary measure to make sure nothing galls up before the oil gets splashing around.

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