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1924 Cadillac tail light lenses needed


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My coupe has all red lenses in the tail light array.




I want to return it to the original configuration, with one red, one green "STOP" and one clear/white back-up lens.

I will be at Hershey next week, if that's convenient for anyone.

Please PM me if you have the green and/or white lenses.

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You might possibly find the elusive green stoplight. You might, but they are very scarce. I brought a spare carb and a green stoplight lens from the late Ed J. at Hershey almost 30 years ago. The carb was sent, but the lens never made it. He said it might take a while to find it. Guess I should have bugged him about it. Found a cracked one on eBay years ago, passed on it. Then a guy here on the forum had an intact, complete assembly, green lens and all. But he decided it would look good on his T-model Ford. They are out there. Keep looking. I am not anymore.     -    Carl 

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22 hours ago, obsolete said:

Email me on obsolete@pnc.com.au for pics of a set Ive found on my shelves incl' one alternative red lense.   Anthony.



Email sent.


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