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1938 Cadillac Series 60 Sedan

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The Cadillac Series 60 easily became the company’s best selling model which included more than half of all Cadillac’s sold in its introductory year. Cadillac improved the engine for the following year, enlarging its capacity to 346 cubic-inches and increasing its horsepower to 135.  The Series 60 was an important model for Cadillac, because it continued its proud tradition of stylish bodies with exceptional performance.


This 1938 Cadillac Series 38-60 with style number 38-6119 has been owned by the same caring owner for the last 54 years and is unrestored and original.  It starts easily, runs smooth, cools properly, charges wonderfully and brakes as its should.  It cruises nicely along with its 3.92:1 rear axle ratio and its 124″ wheelbase.  This car can be used and enjoyed immediately upon receipt.


Tons of pictures and more detail available at the link.  Asking $14,500 and its located in my building in Smithfield, RI  




1938 Cadillac Model 60 Sedan-3.jpg

1938 Cadillac Model 60 Sedan-26.jpg

1938 Cadillac Model 60 Sedan-44.jpg

1938 Cadillac Model 60 Sedan-61.jpg

1938 Cadillac Model 60 Sedan-65.jpg

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