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Found a 1923 Star engine, need info please

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Hello all, I have been a lurker on the forum for a while but finally have something worth posting. I recently purchased a pile of scrap at a farm auction and it had a lot of old parts, including frames, flattop V8 heads, manifolds, etc. One of the more interesting finds was what I believe is a Star engine manufactured in 1923. It isnt locked up and appears to be in good shape. I dont have any use for it and was wondering if anyone here could provide a good resource for more information on it so that I could work out exactly what it is and what it would be worth to someone who would like it. I also found what seems to be a 1932 Model A engine which also will freely turn, but the head on that one is not in good shape. Thank you in advance, sorry if I posted in the wrong section!




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If that thing has a starter hanging off the other side, I know Patrick Reeve in New York is looking for one for his '25. I just called him and left a message, but it is already 9:30 back East. I know for sure that he will  buy the whole engine if need be to get the starter. His number is 315-655-8812. Where are you located  ?            Thank you,    -    C Carl 

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I'm with ya' zeph'. Patrick's number has been posted here so many times, regarding this and, of course, the fantastic 3 generation engine shop he runs, that no potential harm here. I have never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but we speak fairly frequently. Earlier today most recently. He still needs that Autolite starter. Badly. Can anyone help ? But thanks to you, and all here who "have each other's backs". Weird world where you always have to be on point. Thank you very much for bringing this up.   -   Carl 

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