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Norm Hutton

1908 Buick

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For sale: 1908 Buick with Mother-in-Law Seat. Older restoration of a great original car. 4 cylinder. Runs good, but needs clutch work.  Sold with transferable registration from NY State. 


A great brass era car for reasonable price. 


Asking $30,000. It will be at Hershey on Space C4S 32-34 next week if not sold before next week


Car is located in Reading, PA. Call or text Norm for more information. 201-264-8969

1908 Buick Pic 4.jpg

1908 Buick.jpg

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I am not a 100 percent, but I am fairly certain that is one of the less than 1000 true 1915 Ford center-door sedans built for 1915. They are unique in the T world, although they appear to be very similar to all the thousands of center-door sedans that followed from 1916 into 1923, the entire body (including the rear fenders) is totally different. Aluminum instead of steel over wooden framework. The interior was quite elegant, and could rival all but the most expensive cars of the day. The gasoline tank was located underneath the rear seat (and didn't work out very well). The windshield was a multiple pane arrangement that doubled as a windshield, and ventilation system, and a visor (I think I can see the multiple panels in the photo). I know of about five true '15 center-door model Ts that survive, but I do not think this is one of the ones I know of (although two of the survivors I do know of, I have never even seen a photo of?)

Years ago, I had a '16 center-door sedan. While most '16 center-door sedans are total fakes, back-dated later cars, there was good reason to believe the one I had was the real thing. Unfortunately, it had also been the victim of a bad '50s restoration where keeping the car correct was NOT a priority. I had to make a lot of corrections to the car. Eventually I sold it to buy a bigger and faster brass era car.


I sure do like this Buick! I wish I could be in the market for it myself, but that is not to be. Maybe I can at least bump it back to the top?

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