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ID this vehicle

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Not really too generic, but I still have no idea. The partially exposed wood firewall with the cowl lights recessed looks kind of like 1913 Inter-State, but the hood with the slanting vents does not.


In any event, that cowl dates it to approximately 1913, whatever it is. The lights appear electric, and that wasn't a given in 1913, so even though it does not seem to be a huge expensive car, it probably isn't a really cheap one either.



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The car is a 1913 Abbott-Detroit model 34-40 roadster. It was one of the few pre-1915 makes in the US with tilted louvres (the most important other one being Oldsmobile). As you can see the body is identical to the picture in the Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles of 1913. There is however a small difference and that is the side light. The mystery image only has a built-in dashboard light. It was not easy to find another Abbott-Detroit model having such a built-in light, but I found one in Automobile Topics albeit a touring car (the 1913 Belle-Isle Six) and the car having a small torpedo dash. Curious is that this car has a side light too. If the built-in lights were standard that year is difficult to prove as most 1913 images show the cars from the side and I couldn't find a surviving example having this feature. Maybe somebody else can.

Abbott-Detroit 1913 model 34-40 roadster.jpg

Abbott-Detroit 1913 Belle-Isle Six (AT).jpg

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