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Affordable ABS Brake Accumulator replacement

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This might be old news for some, but I replaced the original accumulator on my 91 with 46K as part of the ABS system maintenance. As we all know these have a shelf life of 10 years or 120K. My car is nearly 30 years old (2/90 build date) so it's way overdue. Doing some research, the AC Delco part 25528382 is NLA and the Jaguar part JLM1907 is ridiculously overpriced. A little research later I found that the Wabco STC2784 Accumulator is a direct fit and costs shy of $200. It's for Land Rover/Range Rovers and are readily available. The Reatta guys have been using it for a while with no ill effects. I installed it on my 91 this past weekend. Performs great. Before, every time I'd start the car the red "BRAKE" and ABS lights would stay on for about 30 seconds and the pump would run for a while until the system built pressure. Now, even after multiple trips and the red "BRAKE" light doesn't even illuminate and the ABS light comes on for the customary system check and goes off. Very happy with the results. The accumulator is slightly larger then stock but fits snugly. Also performed a brake flush, which I'll probably do again since it had never been done before. 



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Thanks for the info Mathew, I have archived the information into my Maserati TC folder for future reference if and when needed.  Brakes are working fine and have had my brakes drained twice in my 15 years of ownership the last time after returning from Saint Louis this year.  Hope you an make it to my TC car show in Jefferson, WI the first Sunday in June every year.  My goal in 2020 is to have double digit TC's on display. Hopeful for 12 to 15 TC's with 2 trophies and a lot of good conversation about our TC's and a great meal at 3:00.  but weather and other things come up in life so I never know how many will attend but I'm always optimistic!!!

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1 hour ago, Jim Bird said:

Looked at the above site. They list specs and a list of compatible vehicles but that list does not include our TC. Has anyone checked the specs for compatibility with the TC? 

The ACCUMULATOR that was used on the TC was the same EXACT part used on the following GM

1986-1990 Pontiac 6000 GTE 

1988-1991 Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlas, Cutlas Ciera, or Pontiac Grand Prix

vehicles in the list found in the website above.

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