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HPOF Certification Form


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FMF, see below.  As Phil noted you can check it out by clicking on the AACA Home in the opening page header bar.  Scroll over to the Publications topic then when it opens scroll down to Judging Guidelines HPOF.




Peter J.


           INTERIOR            Comments – Owner   Seat panel __________________________________      Back rest  __________________________________      Door panels, headliner ________________________       Floor Covering, sills, trim, welting  _______________       Console, shifter _____________________________       Dash/instruments/AC/sound system _____________       Steering wheel, column, pedals _________________       Handles, cranks, windows _____________________        Trunk _____________________________________        Other _____________________________________    
This vehicle has anUL approvedfireextinguisher
Owner notified of major non-compliant areas      
Evaluation summary 
                                                         HPOF CERTIFICATION FORM                                                                                                        OWNER MUST CHECK THOSE COMPONENTS AND FINISHES KNOWN TO BE NON-ORIGINAL 
COMPLIANCE TABLE (Judges Use Only)     Thru 1931 1932 Thru 1959 
1960 And Newer 
HPOF Oval or Repeat HPOF 21-30 23-30 24-30 
Judge   ENGINE / DRIVE TRAIN   Comments – Owner   Heads, valve covers _______________________      Block, manifolds, crankcase _________________       Battery, starter __________________________       Gen/Alt, A/C, pumps ______________________    Wiring, ignition __________________________       Fuel system, carburetor, filters ______________       Radiator/fan, horn ________________________       Clamps, fasteners, hoses, belts ______________       Firewall, finish ___________________________       Drive system, steering _____________________     Wheels, rims, tires ________________________     Suspension, chassis, exhaust ________________        Other    
Judge          BODY / EXTERIOR          Comments – Owner   Hood, front fenders __________________________       Trunk, rear fenders ___________________________       Doors _____________________________________       Roof, panels ________________________________       Bumpers, grill, radiator shell ___________________         Trim, striping, molding ________________________         Lights _____________________________________       Accessories _________________________________       Missing / non-authentic parts __________________                 Other _____________________________________   
_______________________________________  _____________    OWNERS SIGNATURE    (Mandatory)      DATE 
Signatures: Team Capt: 
__________________________ Team Members:  _________________________  
   HPOF Oval 
REPEAT HPOF        (HP2) 
CERTIFICATION  Compliance Not met        
 Maintenance        Authenticity  
Owner SHOULD place a check mark next to each component and finishes known to be non-original.  If the owner is 

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Go to the AACA Home page.  Click on publications and then Judges Guidelines.  Go to page 88 for the form.


You should check the boxes on the right of the topic to disclose a non original item.  You may write comments on the line.  Checking a box does not mean  you will receive a deduction in that area, but the judges will evaluate it against the HPOF standards.  BE SURE TO SIGN THE FORM.  An unsigned form is cause for the car not to be evaluated, especially if the owner can not be located.  Leave the form on the front seat for the Judges to pick up when they evaluate your car.


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In the HPOF evaluation process, certain items are permitted to be replaced do to normal maintenance, such as hoses, clamps, tires, etc.  If these items have been replaced, they should be with original or aftermarket original items.  In other words, hose clamps must be original style and tire must be original size.

Good luck to you.  Look forward to seeing your car.

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