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'1937 carb

Barney Eaton

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I got a call from a fellow in our car club about his '37 Buick (Special coupe) carb.  He has talked to a couple of the Tech Advisors and feels the cars carb is shot and needs to be replaced.

The have apparently told him the carb is hard to find (a good one) and suggested he look for another brand and model....which he mentioned but it did not ring a bell with me.

My question is why not change to a much later carb that was used on the small engine up to the end of production of the straight 8.....it would seem they would be more readily available

have a few more years of engineering in them and repair parts should be easier to find.      Being stock is not his primary goal.....he just want it to run well.

What have other owners done to solve this problem?

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Carter WCD 608S was used on some of the 40s small(248)inline 8. it`s a 3bolt like the `37,  difference being on the `37 linkage is to the inside of the carb., the carter is on the outside, so linkage would have to be modified. Also starter switch is in the base of the carb.  I think Gary W changed his `37 to a Carter during his restoration.

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The Marvel was just plain horrible! Much worse than the earlier updraft Marvels. The 75 year old mechanics "joke" - "You have a Marvel??? It will be a Marvel if it works!"


The Stromberg, other than the Delco choke, was not a bad carb, just not as good as the 1939 and newer.



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