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Ford Python?

Xander Wildeisen

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Not a bad looking car - got a little 928 in it. I have no idea if there is any truth to the story or not. This, however, is troublesome:


"The chassis was completely different as well, using Fox-body Mustang frame reinforced with a subframe and modified to move the weight balance farther aft for better handling. "


Yeah, I'd like to see the "frame" from a Fox-body...


OK, so apparently this is some manufactured kit car that was based on some Ford styling efforts and used a shortened Fox body platform (thus the "modified for better handling" line). Kinda cool, something like 12 made, tend to sell around $15K.






And apparently, the photos in the C-List ad are exactly the same ones used in this article from themustangsource.com in 2016. That raises a few flags for me.



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I clicked the link and opened the first Craigslist ad with $1 for the first time in over a year.


Sellers must be ignorant of the people who don't open $1 or $10 ads. Or the ads with mileage in some lower multiple of 10. I skip right over them, just figure that's the best they can do typing with one hand.


I do think a clean 1991 Mustang GT is a better looking car. This one looks like a FIAT.

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