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1918 Hudson Super Six


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I absolutly agree. Challenge is it is part of a museum collection and they have to find a museum first for it, then if no takers it goes to auction. However, auction companies up here really don't like to touch this stuff as it doesn't get much money for them to make anything on. Any advice I can pass onto them would be great.

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Here is probably the most popular web forum for Hudson enthusiasts (there are several of them).  https://forum.hetclub.org/   Perhaps you could list it here, and give some sort of contact information where someone could get in touch with you.  Registration for the forum only requires an e-mail address and password, and it's run by the Hudson club, so there's no "funny stuff" going on.


The car itself is beyond saving but the hulk would probably yield up several valuable parts.  Perhaps including the radiator and hood.  Perhaps you could mention the rough location or at least the state, in your posting there.


I would be happy to list this for you, on that forum, but would need some sort of contact information from you, to insert in the posting.


Thank you for taking the time to post this information at the AACA site.



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As to you original questions, the answer would be insufficient data...

While it would be a tragedy to scrap whats visible (front axle, springs, steering, etc) appeal and interest would be much greater if engine/trans there and in what condition (carb, ign, plugs in cyls, or block with head off/hole in block) stuff like that...

None of this is meant to diminish the thanks all old car obsessive's  owe you for taking the time and effort to post this here; too many wanted and needed pieces go to scrap simply because those searching for parts never heard about them.

Presumably HET club members here will be asking where this is, in the hope a Club member may be close enough to make an in-depth appraisal of what's there and desirability as usable parts...

Again, many thanks for posting this...

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