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1930 Chevy 2door sedan body measurement


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Try the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America web site chat line for 1929 to 1932 chevy and I'm sure someone will give you the dimensions www.VCCA.org Another interesting site for chevy is www.Barkerville.net click on chevy. If you need this in reference to wood replacement I will look up the address for Jim Rodman who makes excellent wood kits for these year sedans - just let me know. Also someone has a 1930 2 door sedan for sale on ebay now. Best Wishes... grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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Tom...glad you received the info you required.

Register and hang around this AACA Forum, too. There are many, many knowledgeable folks who submit extremely interesting experiences, input, and, overall, help.

The AACA Library & Research Center is a wealth of information for assistance, too.

That's what we are all about...

Regards, Peter J.

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