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And yet another scammer.... harperllc6


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This guy answered my wanted ad for a Chrysler air cleaner


Hey, shoot me an email if you are still interested in your advert. E-mail me on harperllc6@gmail.com

Many thanks,

Larry Harper



Larry Harper

Sep 21, 2019, 4:09 PM (4 days ago)
Hi Ken,
Thanks for getting back. Great! I have a complete original air-cleaner from my 1930 Chrysler Imperial series 80 project car in excellent shape and condition, ready to mount on. I am asking $500 and happy to arrange delivery via USPS or FedEx ground to your door step and would acknowledge a bitcoin payment. What's your complete shipping address?
Many thanks again and regards,
Obviously a scam.  Bitcoin payment??? really...
I played along and asked
Send me a picture of your air cleaner with a tape measure showing the intake diameter, the helmet diameter and the overall length. I need to see the tape on all 3 dimensions
Of course I never heard back
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Well, maybe the poor worthless criminal is

unable to get the needed pictures because

he's "handicapped" or "working on an offshore

oil platform" or the item "is already crated and

at a Google distribution center!"


It's great when we hobbyists are smarter than

the criminals, and thwart their efforts.  How

disappointing it must be to them!

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10 hours ago, Frantz said:

I agree with it being scammy, but why is bitcoin an obvious scam? Lots of folks use it.


Nobody in my circles uses bitcoin. I've never seen anybody selling on this site saying bitcoin payment is fine. It's a red flag to me.


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