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Nice Video of Mr Olds and how he changed Lansing

Mark Gregory

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Well I enjoyed it and as a life long Olds buff, owner of several CDO's and other early Oldsmobiles, Olds employee and Olds dealer I wish great video's like this were 100% accurate.  I hate being picky but the 1897 Olds that is on loan from the Smithsonian is one of 4 not 3!  Ransom Olds has neveer been given his just due by the automotive press.  He had a ton of first in the industry.  

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I heard at a Reo Meet that Reo designed a Military truck for WW2 and everyone copied it it was so good.



After World War II, the M35 series truck, originally developed by REO, became the standard 2 12-ton truck. First fielded in the 1950s, the M35 family became one of the most successful and long-lived series of trucks ever deployed by the U.S. military. They served in Vietnam and continued to serve with various modifications into the late 1990s.[

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