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Model F Ford Project For Sale

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I have a Model F project for sale. As I have been working on my Model F I have made parts for a second project. It is mostly new parts that are exact reproductions of my originals. I have made the frame with most of the brackets. Brackets include: running board, firewall, spring hanger (front and rear), fender, cross members, rear truss rods, etc. It has the steering mechanism including gears, housing, shaft, tube, spark control, firewall flange and steering spider. It has the pedals. There are rear truss rods. There are brake rods. The spark cross rod and rods that goes to the timer are there. There is a body including: base, front seat, rear seat, doors, floors, battery box, dash box and fire wall (including rail). There is a hood including brass beading. There are front and rear springs. There is a front axle which does not have the proper spring mounts. I know where the proper spring mounts can be obtained. There is one front spindle and two front hubs. There are correct size rims. I have castings for the gas and water tanks. I will need to make gas and water tanks for my project so can make a second set. I will also be making fenders for my car so can make a second set for this project. I have some of the castings for the rear axle and know of sources for the rest. There is no engine or transmission. I have leads on an engine and this lead will be given to the purchaser of this project. There are probably a few things that I forgot to mention. Most of the hard work has been done. As I work on mine, I will help the new owner of this project in any way that I can. This is a very doable project that will result in a very rare and desirable early Ford.

Asking price is $17,500.


Bill Erskine




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