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1986 Cadillac Convertible Car Craft Conversion!

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My Aunt Sara's Cadillac has less than 32,000 original miles. She kept it in the garage and drove it to church on Sunday.  REALLY!   Sara knew this was a special car and kept it pristine. Still has original dealer "goodies" Cadillac Script Maglite kit and emergency first aid kit, embossed chamois and the often seen Cadillac hat. She kept the original tires when I told her the tires were too old to be safe, even though they look great. They are in the trunk of someone wanted to show the cars as it was originally.     

I have the car here in Napa Ca. I see one advertised for well over 10 grand. We want this one to sell and are not holding out for big money. $9000 or best cash offer will be fine. 

Video Link:  







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Having just attended the Fallbrook Western National, the thought came to mind that this would be a great car to have if a person was going to travel to AACA events and wanted a comfortable DPC or maybe even HPOF tour car. Very low miles since new. A special order conversion with documentation, and some dealer "goodies" still new in the box to show off. AND the price, well, how about I lower it to "sweeten up the deal" Lets talk about $7500... How is that?  

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