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Oil Bath PART.?


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This looks to be a "stand off". I have seen this on my '38 LZ (46 V12)  and on my '48 LC. It slides down on the center pipe The canister will take at least 2 sizes of filters. I use  NAPA  ,P/N 1006 , made by WIX. Each fliter has  come with 2  lid seals.  The larger is perhaps for a later flat head ( 8BA V8. ? )

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My car is a 48 LC and seeing it slides down the center pipe I take it that it goes on after the filter is installed.


You have also answered another question that  I was going to post about what type of filter that was needed and were to get it.

 Just another question, What is the purpose of this part.?




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            I have always found this little light gage sheet metal thing under the filter itself. Perhaps to keep the sludge off of the  the bottom of the filter . I always replaced it back on the pipe and 

             placed the filter element on top of it . Cleaned the cover, added a little grease on the rubber seal and tighten the lid hand tight. Fired it up , wait to get warm and check for any leaks.


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