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Whats The Difference In These Brakes?


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Just about finished with this total restoration of my 66' Toronado. Many Thanks To Rocketraider!

The last bit to finish is the brakes. I started out with a power front drum system, (single line master cylinder,) and a "Fat brake booster." The bottom end, rotors, calipers, new high $$$ brake hoses are all in. All I have seen on the updated versions Disc, 67'-68' are that they use a shallower brake booster.

I purchased the master cylinder for a 68' Toronado w/disc brakes. It bolts up fine. But, the front port for the front brakes is right up against the inside wheel well.

Would anyone know the correct application booster, if I am going about this correctly, what will fit & in what year ranges. And maybe where to find one. My NAPA guy runs when I walk in the store.

thanx in advance, streets

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Streets, I would have to go over to the garage and look, but I believe my 69 has a dimple in the fenderwell to clear that brake line. As far as compatibility I think any 1967-70 Toronado or Eldorado booster/mc combination should be ok as both cars were the same under the sheetmetal. I'd go with a 69-70 unit if you used single piston calipers.

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