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Help Needed- Identify this Buick


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I am posting this for a newbie to our board. The car below is from 1926 and is soon to be shipped overseas.... We are looking for what particular model it is.

Once we have that information confirmed, we need an owners manual and probably a shop manual as well. Multiple comments and suggestions are welcomed.



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If it has a 114.5 inch wheelbase and gray, rough wool interior (original), it is a Standard Six, Model 26-47. If it has a 120 inch wheelbase amd plush interior, then it's a Master Six, Model 26-47.

However, juding by the size of the window aft of the "C" pillar, I suspect that it's either a Seven Passenger Master Six Sedan (Model 26-50), or a Master Six Limousine Sedan (Model 26-50X) if it has a glass partition. These cars have a 128 inch wheelbase.

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Just look at ebay and the brochure was gone. on Factory automanual could not find the owner's manual. If you have any of this items, please speak up!

Thanks. ARB

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they made more of the Master six than the Standard & yours has rt hand drive and an accessory bumper .Also the special paint might be more usual on the master. That hood orn. shows up on very few 27,s.measure the wheelbase to know which it is. Norb

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I would say that it is a 1926 model 47x (120 inch wheel base) or a model 50x ( 128 inch wheel base. It is a Master series because the crank goes through the radiator shell. There should be a plate on the firewalll that has the model number stamped into it. That plate lists the tire pressure for all models. The radiator cap is 27 or 28. I can not see it clearly enough to tell. 1926 had a round cap with flutes on the edge, the same as the standard models for 25 through 27. The crank hole cover and reprints of the owners and shop manuel are available from bobsautomobilia.com. If he does not have the 26 shop manuel, get the 27 one as it is almost the same.

If you want an origional owners manuel, I have a nice one for $55.00 and one not quite as nice for $45.00.

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Please see at the foot of this message, the message I sent you. Unfortunately was bounced back. Does your email address suggest something??? confused.gif removefirst...

Well if you read this and would lite to help, please let me know.



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Hi Fred,

I thank you for the info supplied on the forum.

I am interested on your 1926 manual offer... Would say, the car is in perfect conditions and deserves a perfect manual.

How do you want me to proceed?

Please let me know,



PS. bobsautomobilia.com does not have it, but has a reprint brochure. Is it worth getting it or rather wait for an original to turn up?

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