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1926 Sedan Questions


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Hello all!

Looking for some information on a 1926 Chevy Sedan


- Vin Tag Location

- Engine Code Location (Block??)

- Will a 1927 4 cylinder fit a 1926?


We believe that this 1926 is a Sedan (4 door) with either a V or K code but are unable to confirm at this time.

Any help is appreciated, thanks! 

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The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was not created by  the US government until decades later (approximately 1982), but I would look for a small brass plate with very small letters on the passenger side floor board close to the door opening for the Serial Number plate.  That is where the Serial Number plate is on my 1933 Chevrolet.


The VIN was created to standardize the numbering system.  Prior to the VIN each manufacture had their vehicle serial numbering systems for identifying motor vehicles and then states would come up with different methods for using these numbers to register cars.  Not so today.  


The other issue is the year on state registrations.  Some states would register cars according to the year it was made, others the model year and other the year it was sold.  That said, I car title could show the vehicle as the correct year, one year earlier than the model year or one or several years later if the car was not sold in the model year.


The Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) guys at the following link can provide the most accurate info on these questions specific to a 1926 Chevrolet, if you do not get an answer here.




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