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1915 Cadillac radiator emblems


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Hello, My 15' sedan has the year 1915 along with Cadillac script on the front of the radiator.  I know years ago I saw old car ads with this set up, but can't find a thing now.


  All restored or other 15' cars I have found are missing the year (1915).  Was it available only on select models or was it an accessory option?  I always thought it was neat to place the year so


no one would have to guess what year it was. But I suppose as the car aged some didn't like the fact everyone knew they were driving an older car. What are your findings/thoughts on this?



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To the best of my understanding they were neither only for certain models, nor a factory accessory. These scripts and years appear to be essentially hobby related.The late Arthur Evans used to make these "to order", and sell them at Hershey. I don't know if anyone else is doing them now.

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