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Article on Virgil Exner's Asymmetrical Car Designs?


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I'm looking for a magazine article I saw a year or two ago,

which I can't find.


The subject is asymmetrical car designs by Virgil Exner

of Chrysler Corporation.  Boy, did the design-studio

photographs in that article show some bizarre and

unattractive cars!  Some cars had 3 headlights on one side

of the grille, and one headlight on the other!  It's an interesting

part of history.


I'm pretty sure the article was in either Collectible Automobile

or Hemmings Classic Car.  I looked through my back issues

but didn't come across it.  Since time can fly, maybe it was

over two years ago.  


Does anyone remember this article?  Can you tell me

what magazine, and what issue?  It's just for my own

knowledge and enjoyment.

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I remember the article - like you, I'm fairly sure it appeared in HCC.  I hurriedly looked through a stack that is easily accessible, but I might have missed it.  I'll go back through it again later today when I have more time.

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I guess I was mistaken about the publication, unless I have misidentified the article completely.  In the October 2018 issue of Collectible Automobile on Page 78, there is this article:


One-Sided Conversation:  Asymmetry and the 1962 Plymouth


There are several photographs matching the description in your original post.

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I wonder if they were really intended to be asymmetrical as a finished car or were they different variations on a theme using just one clay model to save money? That is, each mock-up represented two or three headlight options rather than just one.

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The article says that designer Virgil Exner was

experimenting with asymmetry.  You're right that

sometimes the designers would prepare only

one side of a model, or make the other side of

a different design and place them in a mirror.

But that's not the case here.  There would be no

reason that a SYMMETRICAL car would have,

for instance, 3 headlights on a side.


And a few years earlier, Mr. Exner had come up

with some absolutely beautiful designs for production!

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On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 7:13 PM, 61polara said:

I love the Forward Look cars but have also referred to the 1960-1961 period as the "Exner on Drugs" period.  All beautiful designs.

He really got into drugs with the Pontiac-based Stutz:  https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/stove-huggers-the-non-studebaker-forum/55299-orphan-of-the-day-08-24-1966-duesenberg-1980-stutz-iv-porte



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