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The Buick Heritage Tour, Saratoga Springs, NY November 20th


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The Buick Heritage Tour: Building for a New Century. Opens Nov 20. An exhibit featuring rare

vintage production Buicks and seldom-seen dream cars. The exhibit includes 10 vintage Buicks, plus

engines and other artifacts. Golub Gallery. Open Tue ? Sun 10 a.m. ? 5 p.m. $7. Seniors $5.

Saratoga Automobile Museum. Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Spa State Park. 518 587-8635.

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Hello, Thats by me laugh.gif. I guess we'll be checking that out. I just bought my latest Buick in Saratoga. A 91 Regal Limited w/3800. Great, tight,clean, original owner car with 227,000 miles. Another testimate to the great Buick heritage !!!!!!! grin.gif Yes it is a "REAL" Buick.

Thanks for the heads up Roberta.

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BUICK HERITAGE TOUR ARRIVES AT TRANSPORTATION MUSEUM .... The award-winning Buick Heritage Tour, an exhibit of 20 vintage Buicks traveling throughout the United States as part of Buick's centennial celebration, arrived at the Transportation Museum in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Monday for a two-month stay.

Its next stop will be the GM Renaissance Center on May 19, 2003 -- the actual 100th anniversary of the day Buick Motor Company was incorporated. After its turn at the GM headquarters, the tour will head to Flint for a giant centennial celebration featuring 2,000 vintage Buicks, July 23-27.

Last week, the Buick Heritage Tour received the top international Automotive Media Award in the Public Relations category at the Automotive Media Conference in New York City. More than 40,000 people have seen the Heritage Tour to date.

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Well we went to the Saratoga Automobile Museum to see the Buicks. It gave me a chance to learn a little more about some cars I new little about or even existed. My highlights are the first car that caught my eye while entering was a 54 Wildcat II . Concept car of course but very very nice and I'd need to see it parked next to a 54 Corvette before I'd give a nod either way. I guess there couldnt have been both and I'm sure Pontiac and Olds had a 2 seat fiberglass concept car at that same time as well.

Then I see a little red sports car and I think I'm looking at something of things to come only to find out it was a 85 Wildcat Concept car. Now this things got a mid engine aluminum head OHC 231 V6 with 260 HP and I'm in agony. Why says I ? Why ? didnt they put that car out there ? I guess Buick can only play at practice but when the time comes around only Chevy gets put in the game.

There was also a 36 Century - 49 Roadmaster Riviera - 53 Skylark Convertable. I really do understand why you guys are into these older Buicks. What awsome class and craftmanship beauty. There was a 30's Pierce Arrow upstairs that was nice but in no way did it have the charactor or curves that that 36 Century had. The 49 Roadmaster - well - its just hugely magnificent smile.gif . The 53 Skylarks got that not a line out of place look and there are plenty of them.

63 Riviera - would not have been right without one Riv.

04 B replica

05 C

08 10

25 Master Six Coupe

2 of the older engines and a early 50's Fireball straight 8 (? I think) as well as a Fireball V8. They were really nice lookin engines, great intake manifolds. Whats with the 2 covers on the heads on the V8 ? Then the 62 or 63 V6 sitting right beside a early eightys twin turbo 4.1 450 HP Indy V6 - my favorite.

This was one of the first car shows I didnt come away from a little disappointed - why? because there was Buicks and very fine ones at that. If this Heritage Tour comes near you dont miss it.

Thanks again Roberta

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