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Could this be Metz?

Juha Paavo Kaita

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This photo was published in a Finnish speaking FB page. To me the car looks like a Metz from 1913/1914 but they have nade some body modifications; windshield and rear part of the body with extra seat. Would like to hear your opinion about this photo. Metz automobiles were imported to Finland by Sergei Nikolajeff J:or in Helsinki. Orient Buckboard ars were imported by Otto Brandt in Helsinki, too.



Juha Kaitanen

Sipoo, Finland


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Thank you for your reply. I think this photo was taken in 1920´s. The life of Metz was prolongerd by modifing the body for practical use. I have seen one Model 22 in Turku, Finland. The car was later import and the restoration was not all finished. It was imported by a friend of mine who lived winters in Florida. He then sold the Metz to a car museum which now is closed. Do not know the destiny of the Metz after that.



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