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37 Coupe Door Seals

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I need some info. or, pictures on how/where the door seals install.  I do not have the old seals and did not take them off.
If somebody would be so kind as to post up a pic or, two of the outside of their door showing the seals I would appreciate if
very much.  I have looked around the net but, have not found any good photos.
I got supplied the seals by the shop from Pat Walsh restorations.  The foam seal seems to make sense for the door perimeter makes sense but, the other rubber seal with the wide flat part and small circular part does not.
Has anybody used these??  Does any one know how  the bottom part supposed to work??

bottom door seal.jpg

Door seal.jpg

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The wide flat seal with the circular part is the lower door seal

This fits on to the wire clips that hold the upholstery panel to the door

You will need to mark the positions on the rubber (flat part) and then use a small hollow puch to make the holes.

Make sure that the circular part of the rubber is in alignment with the lower edge of the upholstery panel.

Trim the ends to match the door contours. There was a cup and machine screw in each end of the upholstery

panel that also goes through the rubber section to hold it firm. Hope this helps.

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