I miss my dad’s shop

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Thank you to all who have shared stories. I love reading them and I think it’s important that we honor our family and friends who loved this hobby. I can’t think of a more worthy post topic. 


Please continue to share stories, my friends. :)

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My dad at 84 is still around and goes up to his shop everyday for 4 or 5 hrs and just kind of tinker around. Before my dad owed it my grandfather owed it,  the shop has been in the the family as a family business since I believe 1933. At Hershey on Friday my brother goes to me, since I don't think I will buy the shop from dad I know someone who will buy it when the time comes.....all I said was...oh.... I have thought about that probably every day since, and the thought of the shop not being in our family just hurts a little. The memories of me riding my bike there after school and see my grandfather sitting in his chair outside the front door, remembering all the great guys that worked for dad when the body shop was going full bore and putting out a couple of cars a week and 1 or 2 car restorations a year. And even now dad usually stays at the garage till about 5 so once or twice a week I stop in on my way home from work to talk old cars with him. It did when I was a young kid and still does now have a lot of great memories for me....... when the time comes I will find a way to buy that shop, I won't let it go away that easy.


Good timing for this topic for me Victorialynn

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