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If you are attending Hershey 2019....


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The Red Field South and our corner of the red field West has been impacted by Hershey Construction.....

For those of you who are used to seeing me right on the corner ---

Craig, Mobile Parts with all the phenomenal NEW and N.O.S. parts ---

I have been in. R C C. 96 - 98 forever, right on the corner,

I will be 25 spots down to the left in the same aisle, R C C 74 - 76.....


If you have any trouble finding me, my phone number back in New York and until Hershey is still. 516 - 485 - 1935.....

And, if you need me, my cell phone is 516 - 458 - 8451.....


And, I am, of course, in the same spots at Fall Carlisle the preceding week --

At. I L 78 - 80 , middle of the Infield, Row L, spots 78 - 80......

     See you at both events, Yours, Craig......

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