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Wanna-be new Buick Owner...1931 Series 80?

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Hey everyone,


Looking at purchasing my first Buick. I have found a couple nice sedans, 1931 80's with the 344ci 8. I have has several other vehicles from this era, up through the early 40's, so I am familiar with the basics of driving a vehicle from this era, but never a luxury maker (Fords and Chevy's). Both cars have undergone full restorations and are in almost identical condition, the only difference is one has wire wheels, sidemounts and high speed gears, while the other has wood wheels with standard gearing and a single rear spare. Both cars have 6V alternators already.


I plan to tour this vehicle extensively, and it will almost serve as a daily for the nicer days of the year. I have not been able to tour classics much before so I never encountered any problems related to heavy driving. It will see a good mix of city, highway (reasonable speeds), mountains, and dirt roads. What are some of the "gotcha's" and problems associated with this marque, or is there somewhere I can be directed to that? Necessary preparations to be made? I have heard these are some of the best drivers of the era, and am excited to learn more about owning and running them! I heard the Buick folks on this forum are the best around!

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You might read the comments on this link,

 click on the header.

Auburnseeker asked the advice of FORUM members.

He apparently is not buying the Buick Victoria ion the discussion, and may be willing to pass the contact info to you.

Welcome to the FORUM:


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     The larger series Buicks provide a good ride and plenty of power for hills etc.  The one possible negative is the need to properly maintain and adjust the mechanical drum brakes.  Original brakes will work well and will actually lock-up the wheels only when properly adjusted.   Be sure the seller has replaced the internal heat riser between the carb. and intake manifold, or be prepared to do it yourself.  Don't expect to run a 70 mph on the highway; but you can run around 60 in the larger series.  All of these cars run better around 50-55 mph and will last much longer if you run them where they are not working too hard.


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Don't know if you made a buying decision yet but all things equal, I would vastly favor the car with wires and high speed gears (do you know the ratio?). With standard gearing (4.00 or above) these cars will really wind up at cruising or highway speeds. (anything above 40 MPH).  I can't imagine driving one daily but I guess it would depend on the particular car and how well sorted it was.   What did you end up buying, or are you still weighing options? 

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