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38 Studebaker Commander Sedans

The Don

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2 hours ago, The Don said:

Looking for any and all info on 38 Studebaker Commander Sedans.


Welcome to the forum.


Everything available? It will take a while. Richard Quinn has manuals, advertising material, salesman material, service bulletins, high quality reproduction hubcaps, accessory bulletins and so on.You will find him as @studeq on the Studebaker forum below. You might like to send him a p.m. He sells originals and copies.


There have been articles in the Antique Studebaker Review (the Antique Studebaker Club magazine) and probably in Turning Wheels. Richard may even have published something in other more general magazines.


I can tell you a bit about the overdrive gearbox of that year. Also, if the glass is green, it is not tinted but the plastic layer sandwiched between the two layers of glass has changed colour in UV light.


I think more specific questions would be in order. Why should we spend hours putting up information for you when you might have most of it?


Specifications, for example, can be found on classiccardatabase.com and elsewhere.

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Spinney Hill, Thank You!  Yeah I did say “everything” 😂 ... probably should have said “anything”.  However, your reply gives me a great starting point, so thank you again for replying.  The profile cover pic ‘38 is what I’m starting with. I’ll be sure to check out @studeq and the other references. Best Regards!

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A feature that was unique to 1938 models was the 'Miracle Shift' transmission, which was an option, I might add.  Some photos here: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/69334-picture-of-a-horn-button-for-1938-commander?67683-Picture-of-a-horn-button-for-1938-Commander=&highlight=fatman&styleid=1



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