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When you put the headlights on , it seems to come "alive"

Dwight Romberger

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I am starting to reassemble my speedster.

1922 Buick chassis with '23 Buick 4 cyl motor and trans. I am currently rebuilding the head.

Modern radiator is temporary. It will be replaced with a 1914 Buick shell with custom radiator to fit.

Round fire engine gas tank.

Angled top trunk and angled spare tire carrier.

More pics to come as it goes back together.



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Very nice Mark!

I really like the yellow!😎


Today, I mocked up more of the car.

I think the slanted top steel trunk is too tall. I do not know if I should shorten it or by how much.

Most of them (like Mark's) are shorter than the top of the gas tank.


Also, The '23 Buick motor is about 3" taller than the 1914 Buick hood can accommodate.

The smart thing would be to add 3" to the bottom of the hood.

However, I rarely do the smart thing.

I would rather lower the motor and transmission mounts 3".

It would keep the hood and radiator surround looking stock '14.

Additionally, it would lower the center of gravity a little bit.

Also, since the pedals would be 3" lower, I could lower the angle of the steering column.





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Nahum 2:4 "The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings."




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15 hours ago, Dwight Romberger said:

The '23 Buick motor is about 3" taller than the 1914 Buick hood can accommodate


      I have an extra hood complete with the sill plates and hold downs.  Let me know the height of the hood sides you have, and I will see if this one is taller.

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The wider tread axles go back a few years with Buicks.  The 1916 Buick Light Six had a 56" tread and 24" wheels as standard equipment.  The sales brochures lists 60" axles and 26" wheels as optional equipment.  Now that would be a Buick to have.  I can see why Sandy asked about the front axle.  It sure seems like there is more space between the outside of the frame rails and the kingpins on this chassis than there is on my 1922 Model 48.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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Measure across to the center line of the tires.


My parts book for 1914 Buick B 24, offers 60" axles... the "Southern" name comes from the 60" width of cotton wagons. Many brands had that as an option.


I have seen 2 or 3 Sears Motor Buggy's with 60" axles.... easy to miss the subtle difference in width. Once you see it, you are sensitized!  (chuckle)


Yours stood out to me.



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