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1960 Thunderbird Hardtop *SOLD*

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*SOLD* As I've learned in this business, most guys aren't quite ready to step up to a pink car. That's really too bad, because my experience with a pink car (Melanie's '56 Chrysler) has been 100% positive and much of it is due to the color. People LOVE it. In fact, if not for the color on this pretty 'Bird, I probably would have turned it away. White? Bo-ring. Light blue? Meh. Red? Seen it too many times to count. So if you have the vision and the confidence to own a car whose original color is code V Palm Springs Rose, you're going to get a great one. It comes from the collection of an incredibly fussy guy who simply wanted everything to work properly, so it does--and I have an inch-thick stack of receipts (all neatly bound, labeled, and organized by date) showing that no stone was left unturned on this car. The paint job is probably 10 years old and I don't really think the car has ever been totally disassembled, but it sure feels right. The finish has a nice shine that's totally appropriate and you'll never feel shy about taking it to a show. Not perfect, but nice enough to be welcome anywhere. It says Golden Motors on the trunk lid and I tracked them down in South Carolina; the condition of the sheetmetal bears out a warm weather life for this car. No rust repairs, no rot, no bondo, just good factory sheetmetal that has probably never been apart. The chrome and stainless trim is probably original and in good condition with no signs of distress--only the little fender-top emblems are showing their age. It's quite nice throughout. Not perfect, but pretty darned good.


My gut says the gray and black interior has been restored--it's just too nice to be 60 years old. The carpets have certainly been replaced and if the seat covers and door panels were restored they did it right because the materials and patters are correct. The interior plastics are excellent, including the steering wheel and knobs, and the bright dash panels are not pitted, which is very common. Everything works, and I mean everything: gauges, lights, clock, and the factory A/C blows cold. Actually, I misspoke (miswrote?)--the aftermarket ammeter under the dash doesn't seem to be hooked up because they changed to an alternator. But it does make good oil pressure and the factory AM radio pulls in stations loud and clear through the speaker mounted in the center console--THAT'S just plain cool. Seat belts were added at some point, the weather seals are supple, and it closes up tight with no squeaks or rattles inside. The trunk is finished correctly with a new mat set and a new full-sized spare.


The engine is a Y-code 352 cubic inch V8, which was the base engine on the Thunderbird. There will surely be guys who scoff that it's not a 390 or even a 430, but the way these cars are driven you'll never know the difference anyway--what, you're going drag racing? The 352 was rebuilt in 2007 (about 13,000 miles ago) with .030 oversize pistons, and all the other new stuff inside. The radiator was re-cored, the transmission was rebuilt, a new torque converter was installed, and all the other stuff you need to make it run properly was done. It's impeccably smooth and beautifully tuned so it starts almost instantly and even when it's ice cold the idle is smooth enough that you almost think it has stalled. More recent work includes a new thermostat, A/C compressor rebuilt and converted to R134a, added an alternator and dual master cylinder with booster, rebuilt brakes, new harmonic balancer, Pertronix ignition, new gas tank, and regular maintenance stuff like bulbs, filters, new shocks, new exhaust system, rebuilt power steering gear, and a new antenna. I have detailed receipts dating back to the '80s and an extensive work summary showing EVERYTHING that has been done to this car since 1989. I mean, NOBODY documents a car like this. Each time he washed and waxed the car he made a note of the date. He installed a decal on the coil and made a note of the date. Nice, right? It runs great, tracks straight, rides smooth, and stops true. Shifts are smooth and crisp. It stays cool even with the A/C cranking on a hot day. The undercarriage is clean if not detailed for show and there is exactly zero evidence of patches, repairs, or rot--that's especially critical on these cars, which are uni-body construction. It sits on new 215/75/14 wide whitwall radials that look and handle great thanks to a recent alignment.


That huge stack of receipts, detailed service history, plus a factory service manual and owner's manual, as well as several boxes full of spare parts (including the original generator) are all included.


$24,900 may seem like a lot for a Square Bird hardtop, but this is a superior car owned by one of the most meticulous guys I've ever met in my life. He wanted it right and he spent way more than the asking price to make it right. I personally love the color combination and this 'Bird will stand out at any event because of it. It's an absolute pleasure to drive and there's nothing left for a new owner to do but get in and enjoy--someone else already did EVERYTHING for you. Given that well-sorted cars are so scarce and nasty surprises are common, this Thunderbird delivers all out of proportion to its sticker price. If you're man enough for a pink car this 'Bird will delight you, and just in case you can't tell, I REALLY like it.


Thanks for looking!

















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Y’all know I have a pink car, and you’re right Matt, people love it. It wins a lot of awards and always has a crowd around it at shows. People love the color. 


You might say, but you’re a girl! Well my dad wasn’t, and it was his. He did love unique, attention getting cars though, just like this one! 


Beautiful Lincoln!

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Matt, $24,900 does NOT seem like a lot for this car, despite what you say!  Although I tend to go for older cars, I would be sorely tempted by this if I were in the market.  It's a winner, and someone is going to be very happy with it.

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I love it.    The colors are fine for me.  For me, it's all about the car transporting back in time, away from all the stress and troubles of modern life and this car would be the ticket.   T Birds were a status car.  Not the best reason to buy a car, for vanity only, but again, for that owner at that time, that put in the hours on the job, whose wife worked the PTA and school circuits, they deserved this car.  And so do you....

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Be happy it doesn't have the 430!  The car was built for the FE engine and it is nicely balanced with it. 


The 430 was designed for the Lincoln and the Lincoln for a 430. It will make a Bird nose heavy, for no appreciable gain in performance.

Also the bigger 430 transmission, has unique gaskets and filters that are virtually unobtainable. 

Good luck with your sale. 

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