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1935 Series 40 starter

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I'm attaching a picture of my car's starter/solenoid. When I got it, I was told to press down on the top piece (above the spool of wire) to crank the engine. But now all the wires have been disconnected. How do I re-wire it to crank with the dash-mounted starter button?





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See the two small terminals, missing their screws, just to the left of the battery cable? To make it crank, ground one and feed 6v to the other.


So, to use a starter button you can either ground a terminal and feed 6v through the button to the other terminal, OR hook one terminal to 6v, and run the other terminal through the button to ground.


The starter looks to be for Buick's autostart system. If it were all there, it would just start when you step on the gas pedal.


When you put the metal cover back on that little relay, make sure it can't touch either of the two terminals and short.


That battery cable looks too small. Good luck.


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Get rid of those 12-volt cables because they cannot carry the required amperage.

Get Double Aught (00), or Triple Aught (000), or even use welding cable,

and have the ends soldered, not crimped,


then go back to the instructions Bloo offered, above


Good luck

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X2 on what Marty said.

Most welding supply houses have short bits of (00) or (000) cable they will give you, or charge very little for.

You can buy the copper ends from them and solder them together yourself.

Make an extra and run it from the bell housing to the frame.

6 volt systems like a good ground.


Mike in Colorado

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