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Trunk lid needed for 1931 GM


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Really have no clue where your going with your comment if toward me or poster, I have no ID on my deck lids other then there business coupe lids for GM 29-32 because of the handles they had on both and the ferrule for the deck handle, but the poster who is Interested, is going to get measurements tomorrow and pictures thru a private message between us, If your calling one a five pass coupe with a trunk I would imagine its a two door sedan with a trunk not a five pass coupe but hell you never know I can learn lol.Never heard of a five pass coupe. But I am a early Mopar guy.



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The 3 window coupe trunk lid had exposed upper hinges, the five window coupe didn’t. The term 5 passenger coupe is correct and was a new model in 31’ with seating for 5, two doors, and a small hump trunk. Ford called them a Victoria model I believe. Here’s on I restored.




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Yes, some deck/trunk lids had wood. The 31’ 5 passenger coupe I pictured has a wood frame to the lid. The 31’-32’ rumble seatlids did not for Chevy, Olds, and Pontiac. I’m not sure if all the trunk lids did. Buick’s from what I recently was told, even had wood in the rumble lid, unlike the other GM models I mentioned.

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Here is the first deck lid pictures and we will call this deck lid for ref #1

#1 Measures across top hinge to hinge one small hinge is missing so I measured other thickness it was 1/4" steel so I added to the total across measurement of 40 1/4" center top to bottom lips is approx 39" center width is 41 1/8" across as well as bottom across see pics then i will post #2 lid with measurements and pics after this one









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Here is Lid #2 even nicer and all there No dents No cracks No rust,wood all there,latch there, hinges small and hinges inside both there,

measurements are:

40 1/2" small hinge od to od top lid width

41 1/2" across center width and bottom width

40" center top to bottom lid

See Pics for ID of both these #1 above post and #2 lids are 1928-31 GM  as 32 did not have steel from what I am told

also some of lid 2 was old pictures before i cleaned the lid lol









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I believe #1 lid is from an early 31’ 3 window coupe. The early lid hinge line went right up to the vertical part of the roof and it had two small exposed hinges at each top corner. Later models used a shorter trunk lid and had a piece of metal deck between the back vertical of the roof and the hinge line.




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