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1928 Packard Conv. RS Coupe. Single Six Earle C. Anthony. Can deliver to Hershey.

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Just out of storage. 526.  126" WB.  289 C.I. 3875 lbs.  Runs smoothly with good oil pressure. Will need fuel/cooling system work. Genuine leather interior and Haartz top are quite nice. Extra set of fenders with sidemounts. Wood running "boards".  Chicago.  $27,500.00.  Thank you.  John

1928 Packard.jpg

28 1.jpg

28 2.jpg

28 3.jpg

28 4.jpg

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28 6.jpg

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28 9.jpg

28 10.jpg

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28 13.jpg

28 14.jpg

28 15.jpg

28 16.jpg


28 17.jpg

28 18.jpg

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Good Morning.  Fresh oil and Marvel in the cylinders have it turning over with good compression. Will have running this week. Taking pictures today, and will send. Our booth is in the green field by the Giant Center. Notice the wood running "boards"   John.

1933 Packard Coupe Roadster..JPG

1934 Packard Twelve 1108..JPG

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The wood boards concern me.  I've seen it on an old Chevy or lower end car where the guy was making do and usually the rest of the car reflected it but when you get into next level cars I wonder what else might not be right,  and therefor expensive or hard to source.  Especially since they went to the expense of leather on the interior , which is where the guys usually skimp. 

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