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Buick mechanical fuel pump died

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Hey fellas!


Next shit here, my mechanical fuel pump died to a porous diaphragm, what should i do the best now, buy whole aftermarket pump from Carter or Airtex, seen them starting at $20, but gives me no good feeling with that price or better use a rebuild kit for oem pump for $65?


Next question is, i don't know which pump i have due to the swap of engine to 401, they r all the same on a nailhead?






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I feel your pain.

The following is a total copy and paste from my facebook page so I don't have to start from square one:

>>>What started out to be a good day when south.
Bear had an appointment at the vet in Amherst and when he does I ALWAYS take the '59 because the front seat is a mile wide so there's plenty of room for the three of us.
Very nice ride down and when we left I thought I'd take the scenic route through Amherst and take the back road to County A.
Luckily it's downhill all the way from the clinic to the Amherst turn-off.
Shortly before the turn the engine died and we coasted all the way to the St. James parking lot.......at least that part worked out.
I was 99% sure I knew what the trouble was and I carry a spare fuel pump and the tools the change it in the trunk.
I verified ignition and pump function but didn't like the way the pump was working.
Hagerty Roadside insurance came to the rescue and I had the car wheel towed home just in case I wasn't right.
Turns out I was right but I couldn't have changed pumps anyway because they are two different makes and the bolts would have had only two threads showing with the new one....... 1f62e.png 1f62e.png
Anyway.......pump on, a shot of gas down the carb and I'm good again.........until THIS pump pukes.
My experience with Airtex pumps is 100% short life failure!
I had bought two Carter pumps for backups so I'll find out how long they last....... 1f615.png <<<


This was the THIRD AirTex pump.

I bought the first one 6 years ago when i bought the car then bought two more 2 years later so I'd have a spare.

Nearly 2 years to the DAY all three AirTex pumps failed from the same cause!


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A few things to consider. One, a new pumps compatibility with ethanol fuel. Two,  If the manufacturer says it's ok then go ahead. If not consider a block off plate and going electric. Three, there is nothing worse than a pump failure ( new or old ) by which the pumps ruptured diaphragm diverts raw fuel into your crankcase! 


BTW, I would check your oil. 

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Now fully dismantled the fuel pump today and i found gas in lower cap, which doesn't have to be there, i assume?!


Ordered rebuild kit yesterday and waiting now on shipment, they told me to swap also the valves, but scared me a bit, only by press fit, if they stay in their place...





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