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Buying Old Car literature especially in lots at Hershey


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I figured I should get this on here in case guys are starting to Load up for Hershey.  I'll be buying Car and Truck Literature (mostly sales related brochures) while I'm there.  Looking to buy in Bulk.  A few to several boxes full.  Serious buyer for 1970 and earlier stuff from all makes,  foreign and Domestic. Buying through the 1970's for Tractor Trailer semi related stuff.    I'll be dragging my cart/ hand truck around ,  hopefully filling it up each day.  It's a great way for a guaranteed sale.  We can even negotiate a deal ahead of time and just make Hershey the transaction point.   I spend alot of money every month buying.  Why not lighten your load and get some guaranteed cash for it? 











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I figured it's a good time to bring this back to the top.  If you are selling any older literature in your spaces, Especially vendors with a box or so or even a few pieces I might miss while I'm walking around,  let me know your space so I can be sure to stop by as even with pretty good eyes it's easy to miss stuff with so many distractions. .   Give me a good price and I will most likely buy it all.  Pretty much right up through about 1970.  

It doesn't need to be pristine,  just in decent  to good shape.  Of course I love pristine stuff as well. 

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7 hours ago, mhocker said:

Yes, if you are looking to bulk up on literature, the AACA Library's Tuesday sale is going to be great. 20% off everything, including random and themed bundles. Lots of rare data books and color & upholstery albums this year, too!

Does  the club have a 1953 and a 1959!cadillac upholstery album available ? If so I will buy them .

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One last refresher for anyone loading up their trucks , trailers, wagons etc.  with stuff bound for Hershey.  If you are selling a few random boxes of car brochures,  let me know,  so I'll be sure to stop by your space. I'm going to try to hit it all but with paper and pending weather I may not get to see what you have as you may not have it out easy to see as I'm out shopping. 

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